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    Maysun Solar

    TwiSun Series
    Lightweight Double-Glass PV Module
    Tailored for European Distribution

  • MAYSUN frequently participate in international photovoltaic exhibitions

    Welcome To Maysun Solar

    In 2015, Maysun Solar was established in Hangzhou, China, under Zhejiang Ganghang New Energy Technology Co., LTD.


    Maysun Solar has been focusing on distributed PV modules. It has 2 production bases in Dubai and China. Products are exported to 80 regions around the world.


    The nine global sales offices are located in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates.



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    Advantages Of Maysun Solar

    Aiming at market demand and cooperating with professional research institutes, Maysun has the ability to quickly integrate technology to develop and produce half-cell, bifacial, double-glass, shingled, N-type Topcon, HJT PV modules HJT, IBC and other advanced high-end technology solar modules to serve customers and help them achieve substantial benefits. Commercial offices and PV module warehouses around the world quickly reach the markets where customers demand them, saving customers time and capital costs and reducing their risk.




    Why choose Maysun solar

    There are large stocks of photovoltaic panel products in our 7 local warehouses around the world.
    Featured new products make you more competitive and your customers are happier.
    Flexible products for customized solar panels, solve it for you.
    Strict cost control, cost-effective product.
    Comprehensive product testing and certification, adaptation to various harsh harsh environments
    Maysun has 7 sales offices and stock warehouses worldwide, including Italy, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia
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    Why Use Solar Energy

    Photovoltaic solar panels must make full use of solar energy to create a clean global environment and create a sustainable future




    The energy of solar radiation on earth is inexhaustible and inexhaustible.The development of solar energy industry technology and photovoltaic solar energy will cost less than fossil energy, and photovoltaic energy is non-polluting, environmentally friendly, clean green energy and environmentally friendly with no carbon emissions. In order for humans' living environment to reduce environmental pollution, please use the new photovoltaic energy to generate electricity.

    Large outdoor photovoltaic power station





    Solar power is available everywhere and does not need to be close to power. There's no need

    Long distance transmission avoids direct economy caused by long distance transmission lines

    Loss, saving on transmission costs.

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    The energy conversion process of photovoltaic solar power generation is relatively simple and straightforward

    Convert photons to electrons. There is no intermediate process and mechanical movement,

    There is no mechanical wear.























  • Contact us

    Contact: Lisa Lv (Sales Manager)
    Whatsapp:https://wa.me/8615257151566 click to chat with Lisa
    Wechat: +86 15257151566
    Email: lisa@maysunsolar.eu
    Address: Raum 503-504, 10. Gebäude, Stadt Kuamao, Hangzhou, Zhejiang,China

    Contact: Bai
    Tel: +39 (0) 2 3928 7045
    Address: Via Salutati 7, Milan, Italy

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