• Maysun Solar is originally from China

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    Gang Hang was established in Hangzhou, China.

    Starting with the manufacture of aluminum alloy frame in 2001, we shifted our business to silicon rod crystal pulling in 2008. From auxiliary materials for PV modules to the manufacture of PV cells, we have an in-depth understanding of PV module manufacturing from different angles. And Gang Hang was established in 2008.
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    Establishing PV module manufacturing base

    We established a PV module manufacturing base in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province to make products for major brands. Besides, we also set up our own brand GH and started to exploit both domestic and international markets.
  • Started in the Middle East

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    Establishing the branch in Pakistan


    Since the homogenization of Alibaba's international website was serious, we decided to change our strategy to go into the local market and develop local business. So the first branch was founded in Pakistan and the overseas market was opened.
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    Establishing the branch in Dubai, UAE

    Success in Pakistan spread the business across the Middle East, leading to the establishment of the Dubai branch.
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    Establishing branches in Jakarta, Indonesia and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    We replicated the successful model of Pakistan in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, and further leveraged our strengths such as localized teams, easy access to stock and timely after-sales services. By then, our company's business has spread throughout the Middle East, South Asia and the Southeast Asian region of Africa.
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    Establishing PV module manufacturing base in Dubai, UAE

    The significant increase in sales in both Asia and the Middle East marked the maturity of GH on the road to penetrating the local market. It is also an inevitable choice to establish a factory in Dubai.
  • Born in Europa


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    Birth of the brand Maysun Solar

    Because of the lack of understanding of the European market, we encountered a small setback - a crisis in quality control. That’s when we realised the importance of R&D as well as quality control, and we will do everything we can to improve that. So MAYSUN SOLAR was born.
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    Establishing localization service in Europe - branchs in Hungary and Poland founded

    Maysun Solar is dedicated to developing and manufacturing products suitable for local markets, while focusing on localizaiton services. Branches in Poland and Hungary in Europe was founded.
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    Perfecting localization service in Europe - branchs founded in Germany and Italy

    We have set up subsidiaries in Germany and Italy, and the development of the EU market has taken shape.
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    Further improving localization service in Europe - Dutch branch office established

    Thanks to Maysun solar's strict quality control, market-ready products and excellent customer service, a branch was founded in the Netherlands.
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    Establishing a perfect logistics system - warehouse logistics cooperation

    Maysun Solar is strengthening logistics cooperation between overseas warehouses and European countries to provide customers with more convenient and fast logistics services.

    To serve our customers is to fulfill ourselves. Maysun solar is a PV module supplier providing localized services in Europe.Maysun solar story continues ...........