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    Recruitment of UK marketing manager:

    Number of recruits: 5

    Areas of responsibility:

    1. Responsible for organizing and operating sales of solar photovoltaic system integration products and photovoltaic system integration projects, market sales channels and regional expansion.
    2. Participate in the formulation of the sales strategy, sales model, sales target, sales budget, specific sales plan and progress tracking and corporate brand promotion plan.
    3. Responsible for building a marketing network, building a good relationship with the customer and understanding the strategic planning of key customers and the energy sector in a timely manner.
    4. Collect market information and related political trends in the energy sector, adjust sales forecasts and provide timely feedback to superiors and other relevant departments.
    5. Use of market research results from the point of view of sales and customer needs, suggestions for the company's product range and project design, etc.




    Qualification requirements:

    1. Bachelor's or higher degree with specialization in electronics, energy systems and automation, electrical and automatic energy control, mechatronics, marketing or MBA, etc.
    2, more than 10 years of work experience, more than 5 years of sales experience in the solar photovoltaic product market
    3. Knowledge of the photovoltaic power generation sector, with professional experience and sales performance in the electricity, grid, electricity and other sectors, able to formulate sales strategies and rapidly build expansion and coverage, is preferred. of the market.
    4. Having in-depth customer relationships in the electricity market, is good at communicating with high profile customers, understanding customer psychology thoroughly, and understanding customer needs.
    5. Can independently carry out the selling price system, competition, policy and market analysis
    6. You have strong coordination and organizational skills, as well as a keen sense of professionalism and execution.
    7, understand the knowledge of solar panels, wind energy products, batteries, inverters, charge controllers and protection systems connected to the grid and not connected to the grid