• What is solar module IBC technology?

    Comparison of Maysun IBC components and conventional components in terms of appearance. Maysun researches high-power solar panel technology and new solar power generation technology, only to develop more efficient solar panels.



    What is IBC Technology?

    • The IBC (Interdigited Back Contact) cell is a kind of back junction with positive and negative metal electrodes arranged in the shape of a forked finger on the backlit surface of the cell.
    • The structure of the rear contact solar cell, its P-N junction is located in the back of the cell, the current belongs to the two-dimensional transmission model.
    • MWT and EWT also belong to back contact solar cells, but because their P-N junction is on the front of the cell, they are called front junction back contact solar cells.
    Picture display of the front and back of Maysun IBC components. Maysun IBC modules are more suitable for photovoltaic building integration. As a manufacturer of solar panels, Maysun solar has solar panel warehouses in Europe, which can be quickly shipped to all parts of the world.



    Advantages of IBC Technology

    • The front of the cell has no gate line shielding, which can eliminate the metal electrode shading current loss and maximize the utilization of incident photons. Compared to the conventional solar cell, the short circuit current can be increased by about 7%.
    • The positive and negative electrodes are on the back of the battery, so the grid line shielding issue is unnecessary. The proportion of the grid line can be suitably expanded to reduce series resistance and improve FF.
    • Surface passivation and surface trapping structure can be optimized to reduce the front surface recombination rate and surface reflection, thereby improving VOC and JSC, as the front side does not have to consider factors such as line shading. gate and contact with metal.
    • Good looking, particularly suitable for the integration of photovoltaic buildings, with good commercial prospects.
    Detailed diagram of Maysun IBC technical structure. Maysun has TUV, CE, SGS, IEC, NORD, MCS and other certificates.





    The IBC Technology Structure Diagram

    Comparison of Maysun IBC solar cell efficiency with conventional solar cell efficiency trends. The power generation efficiency of Maysun IBC modules is 22.9%-25.8%, and the power generation efficiency of conventional modules is 21.5%-23.2%

    IBC Solar Cell Efficiency Development Direction

    Maysun IBC components, the operating temperature during work, the overall temperature is very low. The advantage of Maysun IBC module is that it has good electricity in hot summer.






    Low Temperature Coefficient

    IBC modules have good power in hot summer.