210mm PERC 80Cells 390W-410W Mono solar panels

210mm PERC 80Cells 390W-410W Mono solar panels

Brand Name: Maysun
Power: 390W 395W 400W 405W 410W
Dimension (L×W×T):1760×1098×30mm
Maximum system voltage:1000V/1500V
Packing:37pcs/pallet, 988pcs/40HQ

1. Reasonable component size design, large packing quantity, saving transportation and installation costs.
2. Non-destructive cutting is used for large-size cells to reduce defects.
3. Multi-busbar wire welding technology, lower resistance, more uniform current density.
4. Low hot spot design reduces the risk of hot spots.
5. High-quality raw materials ensure long component life.
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1. The toughened glass has undergone strict hail resistance, impact resistance and load resistance tests to ensure the safety of the components for outdoor use. The high light transmittance enables the components to have high conversion efficiency. The encapsulated EVA has undergone anti-ultraviolet, anti-PID, anti-humidity and anti-humidity tests, with a cross-linking degree of 80%-90%, which effectively guarantees the cohesiveness of the various materials of the module and super strong outdoor weather resistance. The 210*105mm cell cutting size and the 5*16Pcs arrangement make the modules have a lower working voltage, increase the number of modules in each string in the photovoltaic system, and reduce the use of cables and parallel loss. The compact cell arrangement enables the module to have a larger light-receiving area and a more beautiful appearance.


2. After the aluminum alloy frame has been tested, the oxide film thickness needs to reach 15 microns or more, and the strength needs to reach 10HW or more before it is approved for production and use, which effectively guarantees the mechanical load capacity of the photovoltaic module. The backplane is made of TUV-certified TPT material with high weather resistance, which has good resistance to water vapor transmission and sand abrasion resistance. The two-component sealing silica gel adopts a well-known Chinese brand to effectively ensure the structural adhesion of the components. Use the 1500V split glue-filled junction box that has been carefully conducted by TUV, which has fast heat dissipation and low loss.




3. The modules use 12BB high-efficiency mono-crystalline PERC cells, one-half of the non-destructive cutting effectively reduces production losses, reduces defects in the cutting process, and ensures stable electrical performance of the modules. The round ribbon with a diameter of 0.35mm effectively increases the light refraction on the front of the battery, so that the component has excellent power output and lower light attenuation, lower line loss and lower risk of hot spots. Through battery production technology optimization and material control, the power attenuation caused by PID phenomenon is minimized.


4. Each component will be packaged after passing the standard EL inspection and power inspection. Adopting the most reasonable packing method at present, with one outer box for every 36 pieces of components, stacked up and down to ensure the safety and firmness of transportation, increase the number of packing boxes, and effectively reduce the freight cost per watt of components. The box body is wrapped with stretch film to effectively prevent the problem of damp and mold during the long-distance transportation of the components.

5. The following is the specification of our company's 210mm 80cells large-size battery assembly, you can click the link to download.

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