325W-345W Mono Solar Modules 158mm PERC 120 Solar Cells

325W-345W Mono Solar Modules 158mm PERC 120 Solar Cells

Brand Name: Maysun
Power: 325W 330W 335W 340W 345W
Dimension (L × W × T): 1684 × 1002 × 35mm
Packing: 37pcs/pallet, 1148pcs/40"HQ

1. 9BB 158.75 half-sheet process, suitable for household rooftop power stations
2. Low shading power loss and low risk of hot spots.
3. MBB + half-sheet process, 3% increase in power, maximum module conversion rate 20.5%.
4. Double 85 wet and heat cycle tested.
5. 15 years product warranty.
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1.  High efficiency monocrystalline Perc cell process, 120 cell version, low risk of hot spot, no PID effect. 0.33mm diameter round MBB weld strip technology reduces shading of the main grid and increases light absorption. More main grid lines also increase current collection capability. Multi-grid cells are more flexible and have a more even distribution of stresses against occlusion; minor occlusion or false welding does not affect power generation and provides higher stability.





2. The modules are made of 3.2mm thick super white toughened coated self-cleaning glass, 1500V IEC certified and encapsulated with 560g/m2 PID resistant and hydrolysis resistant EVA, which has excellent PID resistance to help the modules pass the PID test at 85°C, RH 85%, -1000Vdc for 96h. It also has excellent long-term weathering performance and high light transmission. The glass and backsheet peel strength is greater than 60 N. The high resistance to ageing ensures the longevity and performance of the PV module.



3. The composite backsheet has a multi-layer structure, with hydrolysis-resistant PET as the middle substrate and at least one of the two sides of the PET laminated with PVDF or FO film, using an automated precision laminating process. The long-term stability of the layer-to-layer bond ensures long-term outdoor use without delamination and a low water vapour transmission rate, guaranteeing a long module life of 25 years.




4. 15 year product material warranty, fast product after-sales, 25 year power warranty, 12 years > 91% 25 years > 80%.


5. Below are the specifications for the 158.75mm 120 cells white backsheet conventional PV module, which can be downloaded at any time by clicking on the link.

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