Maysun Solar 360W-380W Full Black Shingled Solar Panel PERC 210mm 232Cells

Maysun Solar 360W-380W Full Black Shingled Solar Panel PERC 210mm 232Cells

Brand Name: Maysun
Power: 360/365/370/375/380 WP
Dimensions (L×W×T): 1735×1020×30mm
Packing: 37 pcs/pallet, 1040 pcs/40"HQ

1. The new compact and unified design optimizes size and weight, saves space and reduces transportation costs.
2. The perfect combination of style and elegance, and the ability of the components to melt ice and snow quickly in winter.
3. Advanced 210mm cell and Prec+SE technology have higher conversion efficiency and save installation cost.
4. Seamless welding + shingled-1/6 cutting technology can effectively reduce the power dislocation caused by shadow shading.
5. Highly automated products with a 25-year warranty.
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1. The shingles of 1/6 cut make the module have a compact layout and a smart appearance, which is very suitable for the installation of building-integrated photovoltaic power station projects. Shingled cells do not require high-temperature welding tape to avoid damage to the cells during the welding process, and the front of the module without grid lines adopts high-density cell arrangement, which makes the process more beautiful. Shingled module technology and PERC cell technology can be perfectly combined, and it is one of the most promising technologies for photovoltaic modules in the future. Maximum system voltage: 1000V/1500V


2. The frame is black anodized aluminum alloy, and the color of the back panel is the same as the front panel. The oxide film thickness greater than 14 microns and the hardness greater than 12 HW effectively improve the structural stability and mechanical load capacity of the solar panel. Maysun Solar all-black panels have a longer life and withstand voltage up to TUV 1500V, making them suitable for any environment. IP68 protection level ensures safer use. The black components absorb heat and quickly melt snow and ice in winter, reducing the load-bearing pressure on the roof.


3. Each 210mm cell has undergone strict heat distribution test to ensure the uniformity of each photovoltaic panel. The application of seamless welding + shingled-1/6 cut + PERC cell technology achieves the highest conversion efficiency of 20.9% ( 21.6%), even in low light conditions. The components have undergone 100% EL test and power test, which effectively guarantees the quality of the components.


4. After multiple inspections for appearance and internal defects, each pallet contains 37 vertical packages to reduce costs and also save shipping costs. Each component is secured to avoid collision and friction between the frames. The packaging is secured with plastic and steel straps to prevent damage to the components during long-distance shipping.


5. The following is the specification sheet of Maysun Solar 210mm Full-black shingled photovoltaic module, you can click the link to download it at any time.

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