390W-410W Monocrystalline Solar Panels 210mm 120 Cells

390W-410W Monocrystalline Solar Panels 210mm 120 Cells

Brand Name: Maysun
Power: 390W 395W 400W 405W 410W
Dimension (L × W × T): 1754 × 1096 × 30mm
Maximum system voltage: 1000V / 1500V
Packing: 37pcs / pallet, 988PCS / 40 "HQ

1. Small size and high power, easy to transport and install.
2. 210mm large size PERC monocrystalline cell, with high density light receiving area, increasing conversion efficiency
3. Adopt multi-grid technology, with lower internal resistance, reducing losses.
4. Lower temperature coefficient, higher power output at the same temperature
5. Lower attenuation, 25 years power output guarantee.
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1. The modules use low iron content, high light transmission, 3.2mm thickness, coated embossed tempered glass, which can effectively resist bad weather such as hail, snowstorm and windstorm. The glass side and backside of the modules are all encapsulated with 560g/㎡ high transmittance and high cut-off EVA, which effectively improves the insulation and pressure resistance, PID resistance, resistance to humidity and heat, resistance to special environments such as dampness and freezing, etc. The high transmittance and high cut-off EVA effectively improve the conversion efficiency and service life of the modules. The cell size is 210*70mm and the 5*24Pcs arrangement has a more compact module front layout, which effectively improves the module conversion efficiency and reduces the installation cost.


2. The modules use 6063T5 type, with an oxide film thickness of 15 microns or more and an aluminium alloy frame with a hardness of 10HW or more, which effectively improves the weather resistance of the modules and their ability to resist snow and wind loads. The modules use 1500V TUV certified fluorine backing plates and 1500V 25A TUV certified IP68 rated junction boxes, giving the modules a very low water vapour transmission rate and high weather resistance to extreme weather.




3. The modules use 10BB multi-grid high-efficiency monocrystalline PERC cells with a 0.35mm diameter circular tinned strip, which effectively increases light refraction on the front side of the cell, resulting in excellent power output and very low photoluminescence, a more uniform surface colour and a better appearance.


4. Every 37 solar panels are packed into an outer box, with corner guards to prevent abrasion of each module, five packing straps inside the pallet and seven plastic steel straps outside, effectively protecting the solar panels from long-distance sea and land transport.


5. Below is the specification of our 210mm large size battery pack, detailed parameters can be downloaded by clicking on the link.

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