395w-415w full black monocrystalline solar panel PERC 182mm 108cells

395w-415w full black monocrystalline solar panel PERC 182mm 108cells

Brand Name: Maysun
Power: 395/400/405/410/415W
Dimensions (L×W×T): 1722×1134×30mm
Maximum system voltage: 1500V 20A
Packing: 37 pcs/tray, 962 pcs/40"HQ

1. The new layout design, hidden black busbars, and the appearance of all-black components are elegant and simple, perfectly combined with the architectural style.
2. The working current of 14A is perfectly suitable for mainstream string inverters, improving the freedom of choice for customers.
3. 10BB is combined with 182mm cell technology, which has more reliable performance, effectively reduces the power loss caused by shadow occlusion, and achieves higher power output.
4. Segmented welding, using a combination of triangular and flat parts, realizes micro-pitch interconnection of cells and improves module efficiency.
5. The three-section junction box reduces the risk of opening glue. Has a mature and stable production process and a 25-year quality assurance.
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1. The 3.2mm thick tempered glass on the front effectively improves the windproof, snowproof and hailproof performance of the parts. The encapsulated EVA adopts the first-class brand in China, which has the characteristics of high weight, anti-ultraviolet, anti-PID, high adhesion, high weather resistance, etc., so that the photovoltaic modules have a longer service life.

2. Using 182mm size high-efficiency PERC single crystal cell, the module power is higher, and multiple tin-plated copper hidden busbars are welded to make the module internal resistance smaller and improve the power. At the same time, the circular ribbon increases the refractive index of the light, and the transfer rate is enhanced. Through continuous improvement of production technology and strict control of raw material quality, the degradation rate of component power has been effectively reduced.

3. Use the same black anodized aluminum alloy frame as the back panel color and silicone color. Both sides of the black backplane are coated with fluorine, giving the backplane a longer life. The glue-filled three-piece junction box has passed the TUV 1500V withstand voltage insulation test, adapts to more complex installation environments, and has an IP68 protection level to provide more security. To a certain extent, the black components can accelerate the melting of ice and snow, reduce the load-bearing pressure of the roof, and bring a better experience to customers in the temperate and cold regions of Western Europe and Northern Europe in the northern hemisphere.

4. The new vertical packaging design of 37 pieces in a box saves transportation costs and enhances the safety and firmness of transportation. Paper corner guards are used between the components to prevent collision and friction between the frames. There are multiple steel-plastic belts fixed inside and outside the package to ensure that the components are not damaged during long-distance sea and land transportation. The outer box can also provide customized services according to customer needs, providing customers with more choices.

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