440W-460W Monocrystalline Solar Panel Perc 182mm 120 Cells

440W-460W Monocrystalline Solar Panel Perc 182mm 120 Cells

Brand Name: Maysun
Power: 440W 445W 450W 455W 460W
Dimensions (L × W × T): 1908 × 1134 × 35mm

1. New cell technology, high power output and module efficiency of up to 21.7%.
2. Levelised kWh cost reduction of up to 4.5% and system cost reduction of up to 5.6%.
3. Comprehensive LID/LeTID attenuation mitigation technology, which can reduce attenuation by up to 50%.
4. Reasonable component layout design to enhance PID resistance and reduce the risk of hot spots.
5. Multiple EL tests to reduce the risk of hidden cracks in the modules and to have a continuous and stable power output.
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1. The low-iron coated glass used on the front of the module has a light transmission rate of over 92%, effectively increasing the power output. The front side of the module is made of EVA with high transmittance and the back side of the module is made of EVA with high cut-off performance, with a grammage of over 560 grams per square metre, which effectively improves the weather resistance of the module to high temperature, high humidity and large temperature difference. 182*91mm cell cutting size and 6*20Pcs arrangement gives the module a compact shape and high power, which is suitable for the mainstream installation market in Europe.Maximum system voltage: 1500V

2. The modules use anodised aluminium alloy frames with an oxide film thickness of over 14 microns, super weather resistant double-sided fluorine backing plates, three high-current diode glued junction boxes, and customised cable lengths according to customer requirements. The use of high quality auxiliary materials allows the modules to pass TUV sand, salt spray, ammonia and other weather resistance tests and enhanced mechanical load tests, allowing the modules to adapt to various installation environments.



3. The use of 182mm size PERC high-efficiency monocrystalline cells gives the modules higher power, and the welding of multiple 0.35mm diameter circular tinned copper strips gives the modules lower internal resistance, lower heat generation, more uniform colour and better appearance. Through continuous improvement and upgrading of production technology and strict control of raw material quality, the power degradation rate of the modules is effectively reduced and the module life is increased.



4. The components are currently packed vertically in 31 PCS boxes, with paper corner guards between the components to avoid collision and friction between the edges. 7 plastic straps are used inside and outside the packaging to ensure the safety of the components during long distance sea and land transportation. The outer box can also be customised according to customer requirements, giving customers more options.Packing: 31pcs / pallet, 744pcs / 40 'HQ





5. The following specifications for our 182mm 120 cells large format battery pack can be downloaded at any time by clicking on the link.

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