530W-550W Double Glass PV Modules PERC 182mm 144 cells

530W-550W Double Glass PV Modules PERC 182mm 144 cells

Brand Name: Maysun
Power: 530W 535W 540W 545W 550W
Dimensions (L×W×D): 2279×1130×30mm
Packing: 31 pcs/pallet, 620 pcs/40"HQ

1. Adopt 182mm single crystal PERC cell, high density light receiving area, improve conversion efficiency
2. Double-sided absorption of solar radiation, the double-sided ratio is as high as 70%, which greatly improves the equivalent power of the module
3. The appearance is exquisite, the installation is convenient, and the design is compatible with mainstream inverters and brackets.
4. It is suitable for various complex environment areas such as high temperature, high humidity and large temperature difference.
5. Lower cost per kWh and higher return on investment.
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1. The front of the module is coated with embossed tempered glass to reduce light reflection, and the low iron content ensures higher light transmittance. The 2mm glass thickness makes the module more resistant to extreme weather conditions. The front package is made of high-transparent EVA, and the rear package is made of high-cut EVA with a weight of 550 g/m2, which effectively improves the bonding and insulation performance of the components. The 182*91mm cells are cut into 6*24 pieces, giving the modules higher performance. Double-sided power generation is more suitable for the installation of large-scale ground power stations and industrial and commercial cement roof systems.

2. The module frame adopts 6063T6 aluminum alloy, the minimum oxide layer thickness is 14 microns, the module adopts double-sided fluorine composite backplane, and the voltage is 1500V (KPK). The junction box adopts three diodes above 30A, and is encapsulated with adhesive, and the protection level is above IP68. Excellent environmental suitability and durability as it passes sand, salt spray and ammonia weathering tests, as well as improved mechanical stress tests.


3. The module adopts 182*182mm high-power single crystal PERC cell and 0.32mm diameter round tinned copper tape, which increases the light refraction on the front of the module, the output power is excellent, the color is more uniform, and the leads are more beautiful. Improve battery production management technology and material quality control, effectively reduce PID phenomenon and power failure rate.

4. The outer packaging carton can be customized according to customer needs. Currently, vertically aligned crates are used, with paper corners separating the components to avoid metal bumps and friction during transport. The packaging is fixed by multiple plastic ties inside and outside, making the components more secure during long-distance transportation by sea and land. Packaging: 31pcs/pallet, 620pcs/40H

5. Here are the specifications of our 182mm 144 cell large format battery pack
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