Bifacial Double Glass Best Solar Panels 158.75mm 120 Solar Cells 335W-355W PV Modules

Bifacial Double Glass Best Solar Panels 158.75mm 120 Solar Cells 335W-355W PV Modules

Brand Name: Maysun
Power: 335W 340W 345W 350W 355W
Dimension (L × W × T): 1684 × 1002 × 30mm
Packing: 37pcs/pallet, 962pcs/40"HQ

1. Double-sided power generation, up to 30% power gain on the backside of the module on specific reflective surfaces.
2. Double-sided glass + POE encapsulation, increasing module life to over 30 years.
3. High weather resistance, safer and more stable power plant operation.
4. Highly adaptable to the environment and can be installed in a variety of complex environments.
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1. Double-layer 2.0mm thickness toughened glass, POE encapsulation, effectively increase the water vapour barrier ability and super outdoor weather resistance of the modules, special reflective ground brings back power gain, making double-glass modules 10%-20% higher annual power generation than conventional single-glass modules, creating more power generation income. Equipped with N-type double-sided cells, no PID risk, lower power attenuation, excellent power output in low light, super long service life and 30-year power warranty.


2. Mature and stable version with compact size, avoiding the excessive weight of double-glazed modules for inconvenient handling and installation. The triple split glued junction box dissipates heat faster and uses three 20A current diodes to effectively prevent the hot spot effect caused by the shading of the modules, and the IP68 waterproof and dustproof rating makes the module operation more stable and safe. The high precision and high strength aluminium alloy frame effectively protects the double-glazed modules from breakage and hidden cracking of the cells caused by external impacts and loads.


3. Multi-grid welding with half-sheet cutting process effectively reduces hidden cracks in cell welding, reduces circuit losses, reduces module heat generation and slows down power degradation. The use of N-type 158mm double-sided power generation high-efficiency monocrystalline cells is a mature and stable technology, which has been proven in the market for a long time, and has the advantage of low cost in mass production, saving you more system installation costs.






4. Multiple EL defective full inspection, 100% detection of bad appearance, power test after passing the grade packaging into the warehouse, to ensure the quality of each piece of components, so that you and customers more assured. Strict packing requirements, packing each pallet firmly, to provide security for overseas customers' long-distance transportation.



5. Below are the specifications for the 158.75mm 120 cells double-glazed bifacial photovoltaic module, which can be downloaded at any time by clicking on the link.

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