Maysun Solar IBC Silver Frame 555W-600W MONO 182mm 144 cells 1/2 Cut Solar Panel

Maysun Solar IBC Silver Frame 555W-600W MONO 182mm 144 cells 1/2 Cut Solar Panel

Power: 555/560/565/570/575/580/585/590/595/600 WP
Dimension (L × W × D): 2278 x1134 x 35 mm
Maximum system voltage: 1000V/1500V
Packaging: 31 pcs/pallet, 620 pcs/40"HQ

1. The most advanced technology: The cell technology is the most advanced for mass-produced solar modules, surpassing PERC and Topcon.
2. Higher conversion efficiency: IBC cells have 5-8% higher short circuit current density than conventional cells. No front busbars reduce optical loss and maximise battery efficiency and performance.
3. Low temperature coefficient: In hot climates, IBC solar modules with low temperature coefficient work better.
4. Better appearance: No front busbars, compact cell structure, overall uniform, beautiful and elegant.
5. More application scenarios: IBC PV modules are ideal for BAPV.
6. Higher reliability:Due to no solder joints, IBC modules are more reliable and stable than front-welded PV modules.
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1. The most advanced technology
The most advanced technology for mass-produced
photovoltaic modules,cell technology is far advanced than PERC and Topcon technology.

2. Higher conversion efficiency
The short circuit current density of IBC cells is 5-8%
higher than that of ordinary cells. No bus bars on the
front to reduce optical loss and maximize battery efficiency and power.

3. Low temperature coefficient
IBC solar panels feature a low temperature coefficient, which allows for better performance in hot climates.

4. Better appearance
There is no bus bars on the front, tight cell layout,
overall unity, making a beautiful and elegant

5. More application scenarios
IBC PV modules have a wider application scenario and are especially suitable for building applied PV.

6. Higher reliability
Compared to PV modules made by front welding, the reliability and stability of IBC modules are greatly increased due to the lack of solder joints.

7.The outer box can be personalised according to customer requirements. 
Currently, Maysun uses vertically oriented boxes with corner protection to separate the modules from each other to avoid metal collision and friction during transportation. The packaging is secured inside and out with several plastic straps to make the modules safer for long-distance transport by land and sea.

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