400W-420W Monocrystalline PV Panels 158mm Mono PERC 144 Solar Cells

400W-420W Monocrystalline PV Panels 158mm Mono PERC 144 Solar Cells

Brand Name: Maysun
Power: 400W 405W 410W 415W 420W
Dimension (L × W × T): 2008 × 1002 × 35mm
Packing: 31pcs/pallet, 726pcs/40"HQ

1. High power, large size, reduced installation steps and area
2. Multiple main grid lines, less solder breakage and hidden cracks, low hot spot risk
3. half-cell and backside passivation technology, better temperature coefficient, high photoelectric conversion efficiency
4. good low light generation performance, 50% output even under semi-shading conditions
5. low cost, suitable for large scale PV plants and cost saving.
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1. The module uses 3.2mm thick coated tempered glass with high light transmission and low light reflection, which greatly increases the overall power of the module. 530g per square metre of EVA, with high light transmission on the front and high cut-off on the back, not only ensures the outdoor life of the module and reduces power degradation, but also greatly increases the initial power of the module. 158.75*79.375mm The welded cell size and 6*24Pcs arrangement allows for a larger module size, reducing installation steps and the use of brackets, making it ideal for installation in ground-mounted and commercial PV plants.


2. The high cutting accuracy of the aluminium alloy frame and PV module matching, within 0.3mm dimensional deviation to ensure good structural stability of the module, effectively improve the module's resistance to wind and snow, the thickness of the oxide film is much higher than the technical standard requirements, to achieve corrosion resistance and weathering resistance and other good weather resistance. The highly weather-resistant TPT backing plate, with a voltage insulation performance greater than 1500V DC, effectively protects the module from wind, sand, salt spray, ammonia and other complex environments and stable operation. The three-part glued junction box has good heat dissipation performance, with high-current high-quality diodes, effectively protecting the components from hot plate effect under shadow shading conditions. Our raw materials are used well, so our components are of good quality.



3. Conventional process 158.75mm size cells, with multiple main grid lines and PERC cell technology, improve module efficiency while reducing production costs. The stable and efficient production process allows you to effectively guarantee the quality of your modules, which is the basis for the safe and stable operation of your PV plant. This module is very suitable for self-injection photovoltaic power plants.




4. The modules are packaged in separate rows after passing multiple EL tests, appearance tests and IV power tests. The vertical rows of packaging effectively prevent the compressive stress on the bottom modules when stacking and loading the containers, avoiding hidden cracks in the modules during transport. Each module is protected by paper corner guards at intervals to avoid scratches on the edges. The plastic strapping is strong and durable, ensuring the safety of the modules over long distances.



5. Below is the specification for our 158.75mm 144 cells regular size battery pack, which can be downloaded at any time by clicking on the link.

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