Polycrystalline Solar Panels 250W-280W 5BB 60 Soalr Cells Solar Modules

Polycrystalline Solar Panels 250W-280W 5BB 60 Soalr Cells Solar Modules

Brand Name: Maysun
Power: 260W 265W 270W 275W 280W 285W
Dimensions (L×W×T): 1640×992×35mm
Maximum system voltage: 1000V/1500V
Packing: 37pcs/pallet, 1134pcs/40'HQ

1. 60cells standard version for household PV distributed use.
2. 5 main grid 156.75mm 157mm 158.75mm size polycrystalline solar cell technology.
3. Tested and certified by various complex environments IEC TUV etc.
4. Excellent anti-PID performance with low failure rate.
5. 10 years performance warranty, 25 years power warranty (10 years > 90% power 20 years > 80% power).

1.The stable polycrystalline cell technology is used for packaging, and the polycrystalline cell technology has also been tested for a long time, with better power generation performance under high temperature conditions and strong adaptability to extreme environments. The installation process is shock resistant, with fewer hidden cracks and a low failure rate, making it suitable for large-scale installations. The polycrystalline cell technology is simple and low cost, effectively reducing project costs. Golden ratio 6*10 arrangement size version, PV module energy conversion rate of up to 17%.



2. The modules are made of 3.2mm thick high transmittance low iron embossed toughened glass, 1000V TUV certified fluorinated TPT backsheet, encapsulated with 380g/m2 high light transmittance on the upper layer and high blocking anti-attenuation EVA on the lower layer, the peel strength of the glass and backsheet is greater than 50N, strong ability to adapt to harsh environments such as high UV, sand, salt fog, high temperature, freezing, etc., and strong anti-ageing ability, guaranteeing the service life of the PV modules and performance.




3. The modules are made of 6063T5 type 30mm*30mm with an oxide layer thickness greater than 15 microns and an aluminium alloy frame with a hardness greater than 10HW, which effectively improves the weather resistance and resistance to wind and snow loads. 1000V 15A TUV certified junction box with IP65 protection level, with MC4 quick plug, has very low water vapour permeability and very high weather resistance.



4. Packed vertically, each part is separated by protective corners and the pallet is fixed with 5 strips on the inside and 7 plastic straps on the outside, effectively protecting the parts for long distance transport by sea and land Special requirements can be tailored to customer requirements.




5. The following specifications for 60cells 5 main grid polycrystalline PV modules can be downloaded at any time by clicking on the link.

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