Polycrystalline Solar Panels 300W-340W 5BB 72 Solar Cells PV Modules

Polycrystalline Solar Panels 300W-340W 5BB 72 Solar Cells PV Modules

Brand Name: Maysun
Power: 300W 310W 320W 330W 340W
Dimensions (L×W×T): 1956×992×35mm
Maximum system voltage: 1000V/1500V
Packing: 31pcs/pallet, 816pcs/40"HQ

1. 72 large size version, suitable for large PV plants
2. Stable polycrystalline cell technology, proven over a long period of time, suitable for large-scale use.
3. Strict CE, TUV, ammonia, salt spray, sand and other tests.
4. Best performance in high temperature environment, low failure rate. 5.
5. Power generation warranty >97% for the first year >90% for 10 years >80% for 25 years.
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1.  Adopting traditional 5BB polycrystalline silicon cell technology, 157mm and 158.75mm size package, the parameters of the cell determine the power parameters of the module. The width of 1.0mm tinned copper tape is welded in series, with high peel tension in the welding test, no false welding and no hidden cracks, and good reliability of module power generation operation. Simple and mature polycrystalline silicon cell technology, also can effectively reduce costs, reduce the cost pressure on the owners of photovoltaic power plants, cost-effective. Suitable for large photovoltaic power station optimal 6 * 12 polycrystalline cell arrangement version, reduce customer's installation costs.




2. The modules are made of 370-390g/m2 EVA, which is an important factor in the quality and life of PV modules. The lamination parameters are in the best data parameters for EVA, and the degree of cross-linking of EVA is strictly controlled at 80-95% after curing, with ultra-white low-iron tempered glass and TPT backsheet containing fluorine on both sides.






3. The components are produced using environmentally friendly sealing silica gel, aluminium frame profile 30mm*30mm, aluminium frame sealing slot filled with silica gel and then grouped frame dense. The junction box is fixed using sealant bonding, the internal circuit of the box is filled with AB glue for insulation and sealing, after the reaction of the curing room, the solidification is completed, so that the solar module and the external air are completely isolated and insulated, and the encapsulation process of the solar panel is completed, isolating water vapour from entering the PV module and causing the module to fail and short circuit.



4. After strict appearance inspection, EL test, IV test, insulation and voltage test, the qualified products are packed into the warehouse to ensure that the wooden pallets used for packaging have been fumigated, and after the packing is completed, the wooden pallets are fixed by stacking and dragging, ready to be loaded into containers for transportation.




5. The following specifications for the 72cells 5 main grid polycrystalline PV modules are available for download at any time by clicking on the links.

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