Shingled PV Modules 470W-490W 166mm 408 Solar Cells

Shingled PV Modules 470W-490W 166mm 408 Solar Cells

Brand Name: Maysun
Power: 470W 475W 480W 485W 490W
Size (L×W×T): 2056*1140*35mm
Packing: 31pcs/pallet, 682pcs/40"HQ

1. New module surface layout, compact cell arrangement, beautiful appearance.
2. Low temperature gluing process, no need for welding tape, reducing the risk of hidden cracks in welding.
3. Intelligent and advanced production equipment, excellent quality control at the production site, guaranteeing the output of high quality modules.
4. Fully parallel circuit design, low power loss, low shadow shading power mismatch and low temperature coefficient.
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1. Reasonable size design, large size and high power, saving installation area and installation labour time cost. 166*33.2mm cell cut size, 12*34cells higher cell alignment density, higher power and higher production efficiency. The use of low iron coated tempered glass increases light transmission and reduces light reflection. High quality EVA is used for the module encapsulation, which has excellent PID resistance. The combination of high transmittance and high cut-off increases the power while ensuring the module's long term weather resistance.




 2. The hardness of the aluminium alloy profile and the thickness of the oxide film are important parameters for the long-term safe and stable operation of the module outdoors, and the aluminium alloy frame we use is an industry leader in performance. The high quality junction box is a key component of the module, ensuring that the system current flows through the bypass diode when the module is in shadow, reducing the risk of hot spots on the module. The double-sided fluorinated backsheet protects the modules for more than 25 years of outdoor service life.






3. The cells are cut using a non-destructive cutting process, which effectively reduces edge damage during the cell cutting process and protects the PN junction of the silicon wafer from damage and has perfect electrical performance output. The stacking and gluing process does not require high temperature, effectively avoiding the risk of hidden cracking of the weld on the cells. Each cell in each module is inspected by EL several times to guarantee a flawless appearance of the module as well as excellent electrical performance that cannot be seen visually.







4. Each component is subjected to a number of inspections for external defects, internal electrical performance tests and safety tests, and the finished product is judged to be qualified for packaging. The packaging method shown below is the best packaging method currently used in the industry, which effectively protects the components from hidden cracks and breakage caused by compressive stress, and the wrapping film outside the box effectively protects them from moisture erosion during shipping.



5. The following specifications for our 408 cells stacked tile PV modules can be downloaded at any time by clicking on the links.

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