Transparent Solar Panels 158mm PERC 120 Solar Cells 335W-355W PV Modules

Transparent Solar Panels 158mm PERC 120 Solar Cells 335W-355W PV Modules

Brand Name: Maysun
Power: 335W 340W 345W 350W 355W
Dimension (L × W × T): 1684 × 1002 × 30mm
Packing: 37pcs/pallet, 1148pcs/40"HQ

1. Lightweight, transparent backsheet can reduce weight by 30%, reducing costs.
2. 5-30% gain in power generation on the backside, passed UV 500KWH/m² stringent test, fully meet the requirements of 25 years of module use.
3. Timely release of acetic acid produced by decomposition of encapsulation materials, effectively reducing the concentration of acetic acid inside the module.
4. High power generation, 0.8% more than double-glazing.
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1. Using N-type TOPCon bifacial cells, the highest cell conversion rate is up to 24.5%, N-type modules without LID, LeTID risk, high reliability, high bifacial rate, high efficiency, low temperature coefficient, longer power generation life than conventional modules. Backside power generation has a 5-30% power generation gain depending on ground conditions.



2. The transparent backsheet series is a multi-layer structured transparent photovoltaic backsheet with hydrolysis-resistant PET film as the middle layer and PVF film, PVDF film or weather-resistant fluorine coating as the surface layer. The product has high light transmission and low haze, with a transmission rate of ≥90% in the 400~1100nm band, and has excellent insulation and long-term weathering properties. Due to its advantages in light weight and ease of lamination process, it can be widely used in photovoltaic projects in ground power stations, industrial and commercial projects.



3. The colours of the double-sided cells are all sorted to ensure that the front and back of each module are uniformly coloured. The uniform colours on both sides are more aesthetically pleasing and are ideal for reflective ground installations, where good reflective properties can bring a very good power generation gain to the back of the module. Transparent backside modules have a good low light power generation effect, and have power output in low light conditions, outputting more power than conventional modules.






4. The components are packed into the warehouse after passing a comprehensive multi-stage inspection and test, with multiple strapping inside and out to prevent tilting and breakage during transport.




5. Below are the specifications for the 158.75mm 120 cells transparent backsheet PV module, which can be downloaded at any time by clicking on the link.

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