TwiSun 390W--410W Double Glass Full Black PV module PERC 210mm 120cells

TwiSun 390W--410W Double Glass Full Black PV module PERC 210mm 120cells

1. The glass has the characteristics of zero water permeability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, etc., so that the double-glass components can be widely used in various harsh environments and can continue to work for up to 30 years.
2.1.6mm ultra-thin double glass, with T6 ultra-narrow 28mm frame, weighing only 19.5KG, it is tailored for European distribution and easier to install.
3. Advanced 210mm large silicon wafer and 1/3 cutting battery technology, low current design, suitable for mainstream inverters in the market.
4. The black ceramic glaze combined with the black oxide anodized frame presents a perfect all-black appearance. At the same time, it can melt snow faster, which is more suitable for the Nordic frigid region.
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1. The water resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of glass exceed any known plastics, and can be widely used in harsh environments such as severe cold, high temperature, high humidity, salt spray, and ammonia gas. Double-sided glass and POE encapsulation materials make TwiSun components have super PID resistance and a 30-year service life.








2. 1.6mm+1.6mm tempered glass, plus ultra-narrow 28mm aluminum alloy frame, greatly reduces the weight of the module to 19.5kg, which is convenient for distributed system installation; the three-piece battery design allows the module to control the working current of about 10A , perfectly adapted to the current mainstream inverters in Europe.




3. All components have passed the strict mechanical performance test and EL test. The upgraded 6005-T6 aluminum alloy frame increases the mechanical load strength of the components by 20%. Glass replaces the traditional backplane, which greatly improves the fire safety of the module. For example, in Germany, there is a legal requirement that double-glass modules can be installed at a distance of 0.5 meters from their neighbors; while single-glass modules need to be separated from their neighbors by more than 1.25 meters. Install.






4. The black ceramic glazed glass and black anodized aluminum alloy frame make the components show a perfect all-black appearance, which blends with the elegant and generous European architectural aesthetics; at the same time, the all-black components are more heat-absorbing and can melt faster in cold regions snow, thereby improving power generation efficiency.



5. The outer packaging carton can be customized according to customer needs. Currently, Maysun uses vertically aligned crates with corner protectors separating components to avoid metal bumping and friction during transport. The packaging is fixed with multiple plastic ties inside and outside, which makes the components safer during long-distance transportation by sea and land.




6. Click to view specific product specifications:line length 300mm, line length 1000mm



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