TwiSun 390W-410W Dual-glass black frame PV module PERC 210mm 120cells

TwiSun 390W-410W Dual-glass black frame PV module PERC 210mm 120cells

Brand Name: Maysun
Power:390W 395W 400W 405W 410W
Dimensions: 1760×1098×28 mm
Packing:39pcs/pallet, 1014pcs/40HQ

1. The glass has zero water permeability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance and other characteristics, so that the double glass components can be widely used in a variety of harsh environments, can last for up to 30 years.
2. 1.6mm ultra-thin double glass, with T6 ultra-narrow 28mm frame, weight only 19.5kg, distributed tailored for Europe, easier to install.
3. Advanced 210mm large silicon chip and 1/3 cutting battery technology, small current design, suitable for mainstream inverters in the market.
4. The white ceramic glaze can reflect more sunlight and increase the power generation revenue of the module by 1%. Black frame design can melt snow faster, suitable for cold areas.
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More details:

1. The water resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of glass exceed any other known plastics, which can be widely used in harsh environments such as cold, high temperature, high humidity, salt spray and ammonia gas. Double-sided glass with POE packaging material, so that TwiSun modules have super PID resistance, up to 30 years of service life.

2. 1.6mm+1.6mm toughened glass, combined with the ultra-narrow 28mm aluminum frame, greatly reduces the weight of the modules to 19.5kg, facilitating the installation of the distributed system; The three-piece cell’s design allows the modules to control the operating current at about 10A, which is perfect for the current mainstream European inverters.

3. All PV modules have passed the strict mechanical performance test and EL test. The upgraded 6005-T6 aluminum alloy frame increases the mechanical load strength of the modules by 20%. Glass replaces the traditional backplane, which greatly improves the fire safety of the modules. For example, in Germany, it is required by law to install a double-glass modules 0.5 meters apart from the neighbor. Single-glass modules can be installed at least 1.25 m away from the neighbor.

4. The backplane of the back cover is white ceramic glazed glass, which can reflect more sunlight and increase the power generation income of the modules by 1%; At the same time, the black frame design allows the modules to melt snow faster in cold regions, thus improving the efficiency of power generation.
5. Outer packing carton can be customized according to customer requirements. Currently, Maysun uses vertically arranged crates and separates modules with corner guard paper to avoid metal collisions and friction during transport. The package is fixed by multiple plastic cable ties inside and outside, which makes the modules more secure during long-distance transportation on land and sea.

6. Here are the specifications of our Maysun Solar 210mm 120-Piece Glass-Glass PV Module, click the link to download anytime.


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