• What is shingled solar module technology?

    Comparison of Maysun shingled components and conventional components in terms of appearance. The layout of Maysun shingled components is more uniform and beautiful. As a manufacturer of solar panels, Maysun solar develops new technologies suitable for various scenarios.





    Dazzling appearance

    1. Innovative structure, low temperature bonding, high density layout.
    2. Beautiful appearance
    3. Uniform layout, better aesthetics.

    The design principle of Maysun shingled components is that the cells are flexibly connected by conductive glue, which replaces the welding technology. High temperature welding technology thermal stress causes the battery sheet to bend And micro cracks, and the conductive adhesive link stress distribution is all, not only can adapt to thinner silicon wafers to effectively reduce costs, but also have a lower risk of cracking.



    Design Principles Of The Shingled Modules

    The welding technique has limited the development of cell technology and the improvement of module quality.
    Adhesives (including conductive tape / film), widely used in the electronics industry, have been introduced in photovoltaics by Japanese companies since 2001.
    Shingled Module pioneers the application of low temperature adhesive in shingle modules.

    The Maysun shingled module was subjected to a mechanical load test at 8100 Pa at room temperature. The comparison before and after the load showed that the Maysun shingled module had no micro cracks, and the power only declined by <0.5%.





    Exceptional Performance Under Mechanical Load

    No additional micro-cracks and power degradation is <0.5% after a mechanical load test of 8100Pa at room temperature.
    The anti-shadow performance of Maysun shingled module and ordinary half-cell module is compared. By contrasting the shadow areas of vertical shadows and horizontal shadows, Maysun shingled components have more anti-shadow performance






    Better Anti-Shading Performance

    Maysun shingled components, operating temperature during work, compared with conventional components. The operating temperature of Maysun shingled modules is 42.3°C, and the normal module temperature is 45°C. Maysun shingled modules have a high-density design and higher output power. The shingled layout makes the components anti-shadow and low operating current.





    Lower Operating Temperature

    Maysun shingled components are green and environmentally friendly. Maysun shingled components do not contain fluorine and are low in lead. The shingled component replaces 0.3 kg of metal tape with adhesive. The lead content of Maysun shingled components has been reduced by 60%.




    Green And Ecological